Babak, just when I was beginning to think you were alright...

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  1. DID YOU DELETE MY BEER DRINKING THREAD?? It seems to be missing. If you deleted it, can you tell me specifically why you deleted my thread, but you don't delete your very own, "Poll: Is Rym Hot... or is it just me?" thread? What the hell is the difference? They are/were both absolutely useless! It's not like I put my thread under the Trading section. No one had to read it if they didn't want to. If my thread made one person laugh, it was worth it, in my opinion.

    I am not saying my thread was full of useful information, but is yours either?!? No! SOMETIMES YOU REALLY PISS ME OFF, DUDE!!!!! One man's trash is another man's treasure...PERIOD!!

    FRuiTY :mad:
  2. a leopard doesn't change his spots. You have to revisit the hypocritcal rules of babark to understand whom and what will be censored.

    It goes from optional777, who never gets censored b/c babark thinks he's "funny", down to me, who has everything censored.
  3. The beer drinking thread was crap and deserved to be deleted... Babaks thread on the gorgeous Rym is a great thread....

    Babak is doin' a great job... quit complaining guys...
  4. Yes, my thread was pretty pointless; I've already ceded that. BUT SO ARE MANY OF YOUR BS THREADS, CANDLE! You don't complain because your threads don't get deleted. How many stupid polls do you have in Chit Chat, 300?? If you can have 300 BS polls, I think I'm allowed to have 1 dumb beer drinking thread. I'm not saying your threads should get deleted, but mine shouldn't either. Unless my thread was obvious spam or caused a massive ET disruption, I don't see why it should've been deleted from Chit Chat. I'm right on this and I know it. :mad:

    FRuiTY P.
  5. must you throw your 2 cents in on everything??

    2000+ posts, it's too much!!

    relax, and dont feel the need to get involved in everything.

  6. Brother Fruity,

    Stop making unbrotherly comments...

  7. You have to mention Guinness in your drinking threads. No drinking thread is complete without the fresh, frothy, coffee-like thickness of pure Irish Guinness beer.

    Mention Guinness to moderater-proof your future drinking threads. Guinness -- the beer of the Irish.
  8. budweiser, heineken, sierra nevada, etc.
  9. MAKE NO MISTAKE--I LOVE TO DRINK. However, I always HATE the taste of beer. I don't care what it is, it always sucks. So I usually just drink Bud Light. 2dogs actually aren't bad tasting, but those are girly beers AND I'M A MAN. HEHE

    F. P.
  10. stu


    christ aphex, not Guiness. In a lesser thread than this,someone mentioned something about a rich man passing through the eye of a needle. Drink that Guiness muck and you will be able to shit through one.
    Although I must say guiness is good with champagne if you don't mix it and just drink the champagne
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