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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by cszulc, Mar 26, 2008.

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    Although they may be considered overvalued to other defense and airliner plays (at almost 6.8x book), I think Boeing could roar back to 90.

    Not because of the tanker deal, but because of the need for upgrades on the airlines. American cancelled 300 flights today because of the safety checks on the really old, TWA-age MD-80s and also because the FAA is recommending checking the safety of old 737s (including ones that SWA is flying).

    Could see new aircraft orders soon, and hopefully the 787 will come back onto full production schedule time soon.
  2. Aside from its recent run from around $55 to $100 during the run-up ending in August 07(I realize it pulled back a little recently), while everything else tripled or quadrupled, Boeing is just like GE or Microsoft - it just sits there, doing very little.

    It's so much....dead money.
  3. of course anything CAN happen, but the odds are not with you on Boeing. You have a stock that broke its long term bullish uptrend, and you have relative strength against the s&p 500 in a downward trend as well.