B of A to cut 30,000 JOBS!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by kxvid, Sep 12, 2011.

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    'Nuther jobless recovery, this time it's even without the recovery part... I'm starting to think that the bailouts are actually punishments.
  3. Before the clowns on ET start blowing their wind pipes about shit they have no clue about. One should follow logic.

    First, BAC made some acquisitions, like country wide, et all and absorbed 200,000 plus employees from those acquisitions. There M&A activity seemed like a wise decision at the time, so says the Board.

    nevertheless, it was a dumb ass Decision and now they are paying for it.

    I am not sticking up for the bank but I am tired of the endless ass clown posting about Shit that A: they have no idea about B: are not in any capacity part of the Financial world, as a trader, a desk jock, a monkey.
    C: most on et are 99ers, broke dicks, basement dreamers and Liberals.

    So, to all you I mentioned above...learn before you spout out stupid shit.

    BAC has been in trouble for some time and Warren Buffet just dump a shit ton of money into the company. So, what do you think is going to happen. They are going to restructure, fire and cut cost as Buffet wants his money as does the board.

    So, is this in direct correlation with the economy, sure. Is the Economy a cause, some what. But this has been coming for a long time. As are the massive layoffs that are about to hit Wall Street In General.

    Pull your heads outa your asses.