B Hussein Obama on a downward spiral

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    A month into his administration, Obama has already fallen to a level of popularity that is LOWER than GW Bush was at this time in his tour of duty. Everyone knows it, but it's treated as a closely guarded secret to be hidden from public discourse.


    As a side note, Fox news had over twice as many viewers as ultraliberal networks CNN and MSNBC combined during february.


    Now you may return to the previous thread you've been frequenting which worships all things Obama. :p
  2. FHL come on man. Everyone knows Bush nuked the twin towers and convinced the entire financial world to go all in on stupid loans after his first month in office. Oh ya and that hurricane he created in the atlantic while killing off the 100 people that were more responsible then himself for the actual disaster was after his first month as well.

    Geeez get your facts straight cuz mine definitely are.

    WOOOO obama!!
  3. The other thing you'll never hear from the MSM is his disapproval rating which is 24%, or 50% higher than the 16% average for a month old new presidency.

    And it's twice the 12% disapproval rate that Obama had last month.
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    A chart from americanthinker.com which could be titled "how a nation was scammed".

  5. That is the funniest poll I have ever seen!

    Though I am not an Obama's fan but come on fln. Bush the monkey took over with one of the biggest surpluses and left Obama with the worst deficit.

    Factoring that in, I would say that Obama is way ahead. What I mean is the following; had Bush, with his colorful vocabulary, took over carrying the same deficit he left Obama with, he would've been much lower than what Obama is at right now.

    The more you guys try, the more you make bigger fools of yourselves.
  6. But thanks to your Islamic friends, on 9/11/2001 the entire economy was thrust into shock as the WTC and Pentagon were blasted.


    Obama would have fared no better
  7. Obama would not have mired himself in Iraq at considerable human and financial expense. He would have focused on actual threats to US security, which, as it happens, he is doing now.
  8. The liberal party, and the MSM, will always argue that 9/11 was Bush's fault despite him only being in office 9 months. The list goes on and on with the blame...

    So if we apply the liberal logic, from 1/20 forward it's all on Obama and has nothing to do with the previous admin.

  9. Obama has already declared war, but it's on his own citizens.

    I need to find a line I can stand in and get me some free stuff!!
  10. True.
    Very true.
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