B. Frank - Bailout WILL be finished before Asia opens

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  1. Christ- this is the kind of leadership we have???
    Bush issued an appeal, saying, "Can't we just all go out and say things are OK?"

    O.M.F.G. this guy is in SO far over his head.
  2. Why is this such a sticking point for Republicans? Seems like a little thing to me that would actually make Main Street happy.

    (excerpted from article):

    Pelosi told fellow Democrats during a closed-door meeting that the idea of letting judges rewrite mortgages to help bankrupt homeowners avoid foreclosure won't be a part of the emergency legislation. That provision would be a deal-breaker for Republicans whose votes are needed to pass the measure, she said, according to lawmakers at the meeting.
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    Gonna be interesting to see how the markets react to this reworked plan.
  4. What is going on now has nothing to do with the bill.

    It is all about behinds the scenes horsetrading.

    The Democrats were not rushed into passing this bill on a partisan basis which would have been a Republican dream scenario. Reid and Pelosi siding with Bush while most House Republicans not only opposing the Democrats but their own President.

    Pelosi says she wants at least 80 Republican House members to support the Bill before she brings to the floor and tells her troops to vote for it. She might settle for as little as 40, but under that she wants no part of it.

    Well, there are some Democrats who might even be committing political suicide if they vote for this bill.

    So what is going on now, is for leadership to decide who will be permitted to vote NO on the bill.

    When you are pillaging and plundering the public treasury, you have to make sure you can sell the bill as bi-partisan.

    The Democrats lost the House in 1994 because Clinton got enough Democrats to make Nafta look bi-partisan. The anti-Nafta position was the natural political position for Democrats. They paid a price.

    It would seem to me that siding Bush and former Goldman exec. Paulson to bail out Wall Street to the tune of 700 million is not the natural political position for Democrats.

    Maybe they trust their sales ablity and the ability to spin.

    The MSM is after all the bureau for Democrat Party propaganda.

    I think Representatives on both sides of the aisle will lose their seat if they vote for the bailout.

    Anyway that is what is going on now, reluctant Representatives in both parties are being called into the leadership offices, and told to drink the Kool-Aid, now, before the Asian markets open.
  5. I just heard on CNN that Congress can't even vote on it until Monday, so I don't see how it will be a done deal on Sunday.
  6. Lying politicians are lying politicians. They be lying to the markets just like they be lying to everyone else.

    They LIED on Thursday morning when they said they had a done deal.

    They be lying on Friday and Saturday, too.

    MSNBC just had a report where parties met with their causcases.

    And as they correctly quipped on MSNBC, when you see politicians rushing out of closed door meetings and ignoring cameras, there probably was no news to report let alone good news.

    My take is loyalty in the criminal entities known as political parties is not what it used to be, that loyalty thingy has wrecked havoc in La Cosa Nosta.

    There are a lot of foot soldiers who realize a "yes" vote on this bill may mean political suicide for November, they are rebelling.

    Leadership is having trouble getting their minions to drink the Bush, Paulson, Bennie Kool-Aid even though Barney Frank and Chwissie Dodd helped mix it.
  7. its out that it will be reported as approved b/f they vote...

    i didnt make that up, so dont atatck me:D

    i guess leadership will make the sausage and OUR representatives will be told how to vote:confused:

    a long weekend to nail down $700B n spending.... we're doomed.
  8. The guy on CNBC Friday morning called it:

    "Barney Frank is a rude little man who has burned a lot of bridges. He has no ability to lead."

    ..........but if you're looking for a reacharound!!!!!!!

    See, that was just uncalled for. Just because they ruined my Country, I go and throw out a bad taste (snicker) fag joke.

    I do hate that cocksucker!!! Oh, I did it again. Stop, I'm killing me. http://www.rimshot.com.
  9. and to any earlier post... pelosi is only gonna swing behind this for other political treats... we will never know what was really given away to get the Dems behind this...

    Huge Tax increases

    Amnesty for all illegals

    Huge "excess profits tax" on oil companies.

    Taxing stock transactions...

    you know at least $56B for poor heating & infrastructure (only God knows what the Dems' definition is)

    the R'pubs need this bad.. they are giving away the farm out the back door to get votes.

    so, so discouraging.
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