B.C. meteorite suggests life on Earth came from space

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  1. http://www.vancouversun.com/health/meteorite+suggests+life+Earth+came+from+space/4924266/story.html

    "The space rock first made headlines in 2000, when it streaked across the northern skies and crashed to Earth along the B.C.-Yukon border. It was back in the news in 2006, when scientists paid a B.C. man $850,000 for 850 grams of the meteorite that he found on Tagish Lake."

    "What we're seeing are the ingredients of life," said planetary geologist Christopher Herd at the University of Alberta. Herd and a team from NASA and several U.S. universities report in the journal Science today that they have found several types of organic molecules of "prebiotic importance" in fragments of the meteorite. And they say some of them were likely shaped by processes on their home asteroid billions of years ago."

    "This indicates there may have been a "Goldilocks window," when organic molecules formed on asteroids and may have seeded Earth and other newly formed planets with the chemical precursors needed for life to emerge, Herd said."
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    Now the question is did God throw that rock onto earth or is it debris from the big bang/something from nothingness.

  3. Interesting. I like the explanation in Richard Dawkins' "The Selfish Gene" better.
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    Here we go.
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  7. I would agree after reading that there are Hell worms living about a mile underneath the surface of the Earth that are 8 feet long. :eek: