B*A*R*R*O*N*S GAME( V-Bottom Edition)

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  1. Ah the beauty of the " V " some guys like Apllebottom girls I like a nice V. Somehow barrons arrived on my doorstep despite several orange and red colored notices of third and last chance on my subscription and no issue last week! The cover- an oxymoron if there ever was one- Most Respected CEO's. Barf. To get this list Barrons separated those criminally taking from their companies from those just draining the coffers and then divided from the truly criminal to the just criminal thinking and then divided by amount of people fired and subtracted workplace conditions. I have spotted maybe 5 or six stocks in this issue and since my kid has an earache I will be brief.

    TNXI> Telanetix video conferencing little guy- nice highlight in Plugged In column. Mentions CSCO's takeout of WEBEX and that these guys stole a Mercedes Benz contract from one of the big players HPQ or PLCM.

    TSAI> Ever get a reason to buy a stock. you jot down the symbol then you have a couple nights of reckless drinking and you find that piece of paper and you can't remember why it was you had picked this stock. This is happening with TSAI , I must have seen something on Bloomberg TV and now forgotten.
    Could it of been an Insider piece? Because Barrons highlights Insider activity here 3 BUYERS 57,000 shares.

    HTI> Is a bio I love and have been in on it for a long time this year- out now. Of course here comes the buying! 2 Buys over 80,000 shares.

    BEBE> Can't be too HIGH on retail right now Spring fashion mix is a mess everywhere. But fall looks good so we should be keeping an eye on any turnaround plays BEBE has long been top of my list & now they have an upgrade, the venerable Caris investment house? has gone to an above average from below average. Those of you with less risk tolerance might look at another fine retailer URBN also receiving an upgrade- their's from Wachovia.

    AMSC> As you know stock fans a STONEY 07 TOP PICK* it's upgraded at Pacific Growth.

    These are the main buys in this week's issue:

    TNXI // TSAI // HTI // BEBE // URBN // AMSC

    Other Thoughts> GROW splits 2 for 1 Thursday.
    Monday new homes sales should be UP nearly 7%
    Openwave in the dumper CEO quits sale of Co soon.
    Copper Prices Are Up 12% This Month!
    2 stocks looked perky in the aftermarket Cubist Pharm & Synchrones Tech keep an eye on these, you do not want to be an holder of Progressive Gaming down 27%!

    One last point. It's interesting to note that while it's rare the Fed will cut at times at market highs, in June 1989 they did and likewise in July 1995, the S&P gained 9% and 11% in the subsequent SIX months! Unfortunately to get there GDP had to be near zero or zero. ~ stoney
  2. TNXI looks sexy.
    Telanetix, Inc.
    Market Information

    Symbol: TNXI
    Exchange: OTCBB
    Industry: Electronics & Engineering
    Joe Noel
    Dutton Associates Rating
    Strong Speculative Buy
    Rating Information
    Recent Price: $4.00 (3/23/2007)
    Price Target: $5.00
    Established: 7/19/2006
    Price at Rating: $1.90
    Time Frame: 12 Months
    Other Information

    Dutton Associates' Research on Telanetix, Inc. (PDF format)

    03/06/2007 Research Note Telenetix Announces High-end Videoconferencing Products Interoperable With Most Desktop Videoconferencing Systems; Reiterate Strong Speculative Buy Strong Speculative Buy
    01/16/2007 Research Note Telanetix Announces Important Contract With Mercedes-Benz USA - Reiterate Purchase Recommendation Strong Speculative Buy
  3. Making Money Is So Easy... Just Play The Barrons Game...

    Services : Business Services
    Last Price Today's Change Bid (Size) Ask (Size) Volume Trade
    5.45 +1.45 (+36.25%) 5.35 x500 5.40 x500 144,928

    Open 5.10
    Previous Close 4.00
    Day's Range 5.10 - 5.76

    ENTRY $5.19

    EXIT $5.68

    ~ stoney