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  1. Well this is the dreaded mutual fund edition. I was about to not do a Barrons Game when I noticed a few jewels hidden inside and since we did so well last week - I thought despite it being an issue devoted to those who are afraid to pick their own stocks-- we'd give it a whirl...

    Right off the bat there's a piece on Cleveland BioLabs.
    There is the potential for a $200 miln contract from the Gov. I don't think it's worth the risk but let's put CBLI in the maybe pile for more research.

    Technology Week talks about Atheros Systems ATHR, sounds like a nice WIFI story but a little late in the game I think. Same as above- in the maybe pile .

    Interview with Michael Cahill from Chilton Investment Co. and he likes Tech! He also has some pretty interesting picks. WFR- sore subject don't ask the stonedinvestor why he panic sold before earnings but just take this one fact in MEMC Electronics is growing AS FAST as Google and has a PE of 17 X. Hating myself here!

    SIFY is on his list and of course I have experience here as well- not in at the moment- interesting stock but timing wise... not sure if now is the time for India stocks... He wraps it up with DISH. Good 4 Pack!

    INSIDER buying has one interesting stock Biomimetic
    Therapeutics BMTI 1 buyer 335,000 shares! Now this is schedule filed last wed by the co-- not sure when the actual buying took place but if we can assume it was recent- which I think we can- it's interesting to note the stock up at $16 at at highs. This will warrant further research!

    Lastly two bullish writeups on Ceridian CEN & MHK Mohawk the carpet maker. neither got me too interested at first look.
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    Stoney - I really like the case that Cahill makes for ANAD. He states his firm owns 11+% - so do you think he's just pumping?

    He certainly tells a compelling growth story and it closed Friday at $9.07, just below the 50 SMA (9.23). I think it will possibly open above that on Monday (due to Barrons) and possibly get to the resistance in the $10.30 range next week. If it breaks that there's no telling how high it may go. (Cahill makes a case for it to trade at $20 based on projected '08 earnings.)

    I'm thinking I'll buy Monday a.m. above 9.25 and let her ride till $10.00 or until earnings on 2/12 (whichever comes first).

    It looks prime for a quick 7-8% profit to me.
  3. I used to notice BARRONS stocks "in play" either pre market

    on the following monday or even upon further analysis

    "in play" the prior friday after hours

    is there still some of this nonsense going on ?
  4. topdown...

    Second Opinion® Weekly - ANADIGICS (ANAD)
    Exchange: NMS
    Close as of week ending


    Opinion AVOID Date Opinion Formed 01/29/07 Price Opinion Formed 8.97
    Score 0 C-Rate 0.0


    Stock is a Short Candidate.
    If you are long, close position or monitor stock closely.


    Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) indicates a Bearish Trend.
    Chart pattern indicates a Weak Downward Trend.
    Relative Strength is Bearish.
    Up/Down volume pattern indicates that the stock is under Distribution.
    The 50 day Moving Average is falling which is Bearish.
    The 200 day Moving Average is rising which is Bullish.
    Look for Support at 8.62

    Week's Activity (Close as of week ending 2/2/2007)

    Week Close 9.07 Week Change 0.10
    Week Open 9.00 Week High 9.19 Week Low 8.64
    Moving Average Analysis

    Type Price % Slope
    10 Day 9.17 98.9 DOWN
    21 Day 9.16 99.1 UP
    50 Day 9.23 98.2 DOWN
    200 Day 7.82 115.9 UP

    U/D Direction DOWN

    On Balance Volume BR
    Positive OBV BL
    Negative OBV BR

    Money Flow(MF) 41
    MF Direction DOWN

    On the surface it doesn't look good. And that $10 is going to be rock solid overhead resistance but I'm inclined to think you might catch this at $9.20 and ride it up to the $10 area. 11% is an awful big stake for this guy to take and he looked pretty comfy in his swivel chair- I don't think it was hype. Heres an old Barrons piece from late Aug 06':
    Down some 40% this year amid a general slump in telecom, Anadigics' Inc. (ANAD) shares could more than double as the company's financial performance continues to improve, some analysts feel. The company manufactures computer chips that amplify cellphone power. They have posted consistent gains over the past six quarters, making the current slump puzzling. Market cap. is $277 million; projected revenues are $165 million for 2006 and up to $350 million by 2008. The company has excess plant capacity and can double production without expansion. Anadigics stands to benefit from the slimming-down of cellphones and other portable devices, which then require more of its power amplifiers. Analysts project a price target of $10-11/share; some feel even 'mid-teens' are not out of the question...... Maybe wait for earnings and then take a long term position? ~ stoney
  5. There's no doubt some of the stocks get frisky the monday morning and I have seen some irregular movements on Fridays but not much. SethArb do you remember the Business Week printing press guys in the early 90's stealing the Marcel ideas and buying the stocks before shipping the issue!
  6. Guys what intrigues me is this big Insider Buy @ BioMimetic therapeutics. The stock has had recent good clinical news. An AG Edwards target from Nov 06 was $18 (raised on good news) A Director who also owns more than 10% of the stock stepped in on 1/25 and bought 335,575 shares for $4 million plus. Got to respect that and he's buying up near the high at $12.46. If we can get this one monday out of the gate it could run considering the stock is parked at $14.65.

    How quickly will Barrons readers latch on to this insider play is the question I would guess pretty quickly since it was the first one on the list.

    I hope to learn more about this company between now and then, but there's this little thing called the Super bowl. All I know: Biomimetic therapeutic Inc. was incorporated under the laws of the State of Tennessee in April 1999. In May 2001, the Company reincorporated in the State of Delaware under the name BioMimetic Merger Corp., and it thereafter changed its name to BioMimetic Pharmaceuticals, Inc. In August 2005, it subsequently changed its name to BioMimetic Therapeutics, Inc. The Company develops and commercializes bioactive drug-device combination products for the healing of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases, including periodontal, orthopedic, spine and sports injury applications....
  7. Wow it's Human Growth Hormone!

    BioMimetic Therapeutics believes it is uniquely positioned to develop a variety of enhanced medical devices through the combination of existing medical devices and a biologically active growth factor that will stimulate tissue regeneration and repair, thereby providing faster healing and a better functional outcome for the patient. Further, BioMimetic believes that this strategy positions the Company to open new musculoskeletal product segments that address underserved or unmet clinical needs, particularly in advancing the treatment of fractures and injuries of cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. In seeking to address these unmet medical needs, BioMimetic believes the orthopedic industry is in the early stages of a transition from the use of traditional, passive, highly invasive metallic devices to more advanced, bio-active devices.

    BioMimetic's products and product candidates utilize recombinant human Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (rhPDGF-BB)one of the principal wound healing stimulators in the body. rhPDGF-BB is well suited for use in multiple product candidates due to its stimulation of a broad spectrum of cellular events critical for the initiation and progression of orthopedic tissue healing.

    I got to say this sounds good. It's in the sports injury getting old part of the medical world- very lucrative...
  8. Topdown Alert***

    I think you are right about ANAD.
    I will probably be in there this morning.
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    SI - That damn thing (ANAD) is going for $10+ pre-market. (I guess we are not the only Barrons readers, huh?). I sure would like to pick it up in the 9.25 range., but if it breaks the 52 wk high of 10.38, I may still try to ride it to 11 or 12 on a swing trade.
  10. Geez Topdown you got the eye, I doubt anything else from the issue will be up 10%. I imagine we will get a shot today on a pullback- I'll keep an eye out. Nice Call!
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