B.A. in Trading the Financial Markets

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    I think this is a question where expirienced traders especially can help. If you were asked to help put together a degree in trading for a major university...what areas of study, and what texts would you recommend?

    What books would be essential to lay the groundwork? What type of understanding is essential?

    What 'fringe areas' are important...macro econ and politics wise?

    In going on to specialize in fixed income, options, index fut's, commodities, equities...what books help specialize?

    What are the key relationships?
  2. I'd put them in front of a computer screen with charts and a news service from 9-4 for 4 years.
  3. Course Name: Trading 101
    Location: Livermore Building
    Days: M T W TR F
    Time: 6:30 AM EST
    Instructor: Cpt. Ahab

    Put them on the edge of a dive board on top of an ice cold pool of water. Have them face you. Now shove them into the water. When they get back to the top, repeat again and again until they figure out that they can bend sideways, duck or sit down to avoid falling. The ones that keep coming back and figure it out get to pass the course. The rest will give up or go to the hospital and live to avoid the course. Once they pass this, you can then move on to economics, auction market theory, psychology, etc etc.
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    Theory is just that... It may work and it may not work. Having said that, here's what I would make them learn as a foundation

    Introduction to the markets - what markets, why, who, instruments, exchanges, players etc.

    Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

    Introduction to Technical Analysis

    Introduction to economics and economic statistics (Irwin Jones guide to wall street journal etc.)

    Exposure to some common trading rules and strategies.