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  1. Mecro


    Ahhh a great example of when a criminal scumbag specialist can make a trader lots of loot.

    This is the second time I see this scumbag pull psychotic swings, setting off huge stops and screwing the public because of a bullshit piece of news. First time was better though, I was a bit dissapointed that he did not plummet the stock more than 10 points this time.

    Forget any concept of buyers and sellers, this stock is all about what the specialst wants to do and how many instituions & funds he wants to steal from. I hope they dont investigate him anytime soon.

    Anyone cash in on the great swings? Im not confident enough to work this guy with big lots yet but I made some money on him. It's amazing to watch stupid mooks churn this stock for 10-20 cents when he moves points like nothing.
  2. lindq


    I took 1.5 pts out of the bounce this morning, but not worth staying for a longer pull. It was just too oversold to pass up.
  3. I nailed that bastard for a little over 1800 today. Long and short.

    He can be a total prick. It is incredible how long he can take to fill a market order when your on the wrong end. Today i was long and a wack of sells hit open book. I know how it can move so i hit market. The stock dropped 30 cents (not bad) and i got filled. The incredible thing was how fast i got filled. From the time i hit market i had my fill in about 3-4 seconds. Imposible for this guy to get me in that quick.

    Nope it wasn't impossible. Within about 2 minutes it broke yet another new high. LOL I got printed at .40 and suddenly it was printing .90

    I should have known with that near instant fill. Obviously not mad cuz i made good cash. I would have made another 1800 if i held. LOL, but how many times have you heard that before.
  4. Mecro


    Hehehe thats our fellow criminal AZO. Good trading BTW

    Imagine how badly he screws all the big institutions. This guy has zero shame or fear. He is lucky that AZO is not Big Board name otherwise this guy would have been handcuffed and led out like the GM scum.

    I actually thought he would keep selling off like last time for the first half of the day. So I sent a short before market open. I got filled 1 penny above the day low. 1 point up later I covered and reversed him for almost 2 points. But when closing the position I only clipped 1.6 points since our friend AZO is so great with market orders. This guy wont even give decent fills to 100-200 share lots.

    I didnt do the short because I was watching smth else and squeezed like 40 cents out later on his much smaller bounce.

    It's just amazing what AZO does on news. The potential for anyone who has confidence and patience in trends is huge. I'm gonna get more used to him and start flipping 1000 shares soon.