AZO earnings on tuesday--casino now open!

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What position would you take in AZO into earnings?

  1. Go long--it's going higher and higher

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  2. Go short, a stock at it's high is ripe for a decline

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  3. Stay away!

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  1. AZO reports earnings tuesday. I see a few on this board like a stock that's at an all time high in this market. Maybe.

    I think there's good money to be made on AZO taking a position before earnings. Anyone agree?
  2. There are no opinions on ET about AZO???:confused:
  3. AZO is the ONLY big cap stock hitting all time highs!!

    This is a trading message board (assumption).

    I've seen others with opinions on AZO.

    AZO WILL move alot by tomorrow morning.

    There's ALOT of $$ to be made on this earnings report.

    So who wants to step up and make a trade and $$?
  4. kipster


    how many shares you got?
  5. ** we have a winner ! **

    DUMBEST question of the day!!

    Does anyone have an intelligent question?
  6. will probably beat tomorrow... but the way mkt tanking ... long could be wrong.
  7. i play earnings, so i will chime in.

    the way this stock is behaving it seems to me it can't go up.

    its the buy on the rumor thought. it would take a huge report for it to go up more, which i just dont think will come. they will probably beat their numbers even on revs and come with a low forecast and get crushed.

    it is pretty low volume. not sure how it trades after hours, but i would wait for earnings come out and catch a smaller move just in case i am wrong. that is what i am doing.

    let u know how it turns out.

    if i had balls i would short it at close tomorrow, but i dont
  8. Earnings come out tomorrow morning.

    To wait until after earnings are released is totally missing the "earnings play".

    You can short it at the close tomorrow, but that also would be after earnings.

    I'm interested if there is anyone on ET who trades, who wants to step up and make a call on this BEFORE earnings.

    Lots of after the fact traders on ET, very few BEFORE the fact traders here.
  9. OK, I'll make my prediction - earnings may or may not be OK - stock will fall $10 or more IMO. Worries about next Qtr, etc and the fact that AZO is priced at or above before all the problems will cause this. Again just IMO - I did a long time ago feel DECK was heading way below $100 and that happened.

  10. Can i assume you are short and have real money at play?

    Good luck with it and thanks for opinion!
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