AZ Governor Brewer Vetoes Birther Bill

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  1. I suspect the RNC got to her. They are probably not wanting this to be an issue should a repub beat Obama in 2012.

    They are probably fearful that Obama being held off a ballot will create a scenario were they could rule Obama pres again via some huge court battle.

    She did however admit that the Arizona House has enough votes to override the veto. So we'll see what they do.

    It's being reported that Jindal says he’ll sign the bill in Louisianna if it crosses his desk.

    Interesting times.
  2. pspr


    Unbelievable. She's a Turncoat! :D
  3. If the legislature overrides her veto, perhaps it was a political ploy... but still, we like our elected leaders to stand on the principles of the Constitution, don't we?
  4. The issue of "carrying guns everywhere" is a 2nd Amendment RIGHT. As for the Odumbo's birth certificate... there actually is NO more important issue. If he's ineligible, then he's perpetrated a monumental FRAUD upon the country and the Constitution.... and co-conspirators have enabled it.

    If you're a patriotic American, you should care about this very much. If you're just a parasitic, tit-sucking Leftist, then we all understand... nothing of principle matters to you....
  5. The Dems. love people who have your attitude.

    On their behalf , I thank you .

  6. [sarcasm]
    I agree!!!! Principles should never get in the way of murdering the unborn or stealing or fraud or destroying one's own country! Right on! [/sarcasm]

    You are a dumb fu[k!

  7. Since your comments have nothing to do with a VERY CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN vetoing a gun bill, I take it you KNOW she is also a "DF".

    Keep up the good work as the DEMS are eating this up as the right self destructs by its being taken over by the extreme fundamentalists.

  8. Huh....who was supplying the Mexican drug gangs with fully automatic weapons...OH, never mind...a jacka$$ like you doesn't like truth...yeah, you would hide the fact that it was THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION...nice "operation" guys at the ATF ;-)

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