“You see, the medicine will become the poison.”

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  1. Kinell! When The Donald talks, you gotta listen. He's a quiet, soft-spoken, self-effacing man, not known for hyperbole and overdramatization. A veritable shrinking violet, The Donald!

    What is one to do when The Donald and other great people mentioned in the article tell you to run for the hills?! I mean it's not like I've ever heard Marc Faber or Peter Schiff talk about the coming disaster. Oh, no, sirree, this is serious! What is one to do?!

  2. :confused: Who are these guys talking to?

    I'm sure these guys have valid reasons and access to info, the ordinary Joe might not have but are they "warning" me? What do you want me to do about it? Prepare? Prepare what?
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  4. I love these posts that basically say “prepare”. The question is how? If the US economy goes down the whole world basically does as well. The best preparation then would be to have a farm
  5. This is possible but I somehow doubt it. Inflation may happen but I’m not sure the Fed’s QE practices will be the death of everyone.
  6. I still hate how much power the Feds have over the market though. Just look recently when the Feds opened their mouth and the dollar dropped.
  7. i don't understand it anymore. i see all bad data for 4 years of money printing, recession in Europe, riots in a few countries, higher bond rates, higher oil, higher dollar, and the US market marches up. i sit there and say maybe it does not matter for the next year because the fed gave out so much free money. you have companies not hiring with that money but buying back stock with bens cash.

    i think of ben as someone hooked on crack.

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