Ayone trading with Captial Forex?

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  1. I am just wondering if anyone is trading with Capital Forex ( A division of London Capital Group) using Currenex. If you are, please let me know what your experience has been like.
  2. Crazy, do you mind if you post a link to Capital Forex? I don't think I've seen them before but I might be wrong : |

    and Gioachino, I believe your post has nothing to do with the original one so, why bother, I was hoping for an answer instead. :(
  3. http://www.currenex.com/about_us_partners.html

    There is a link there under the White Lable Partners section. I am contacting all of them to get an idea as to their requirements etc. So fat Capital Forex has provided me the best quote for servic/usage. I was just wondering if anyone does business with them. I would like very much to use the Currenex platform.
  4. better than RBS/ODL?
  5. why not. what r yr strong points compared to currenex / hotspot?
  6. demos r demos, the only real test is live...

    i can believe more leverage (altho' i already get 1% on currenex & hotspot) & better execs, but tighter spreads?? how tight?

    anyway, assuming we're between pros here, let me tell u what my additional criteria are for selecting a single b/d platform (broker credit risk assessment aside), then feel free to fill in the blanks / confirm u meet these criteria as appropriate:

    . tight spreads during major eco announcements (i.e. <5 99.99% of the time, <10 AT ALL TIMES on majors, at the v.worst)

    . no individual pricing (shading's ok since thats the only way for yr dealers to hedge their book anyway, as long as its no more than 1-2 pips), contractually-guaranteed

    . yr quotes r by definition never away from Bloomberg's, currenex's etc by more than 2pips, bid or ask

    u still there?

    . one last point, are yr prop positions (bucketing) carried directly on the books of your broker/dealer, or on those of a separate & separately (as in 'non-GFT', even via 3rd parties) funded entity? clue: as a potential client of GFT i wld feel more protected if its the latter
  7. all this assuming u are true 1-click ESP of course...
  8. Hmmmm....I have traded the currenex platform before. 95% of the time eur/usd is 1 pip (at times no spread, and max 3 pips (I do not trade intial moves of major announcements, but rather the secondary moves of those)....your site says 3 pips, how is this tighter? Same goes for the rest of the major pairs that I trade (GBP/USD, CAD/USD, JPY/USD, AUD/USD). Heck, although your platform may be better, OANDA has tighter spreads than what your web page shows. Please enlighten me.
  10. GTS is the FXSolutions Platform. The screenshot is the exact same platform. GlobalFX is apparently a white label of FX Solutions. Or perhaps they are both white labels of another company.

    Nevertheless FX Solutions offers the ability to make more money than most brokers. They do not require a change in leverage with any particular account size. Plug in any trading plan and observe that a LOT more money will be the result over a short time.
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