Ayers is more a hero and PATRIOT than disgraced republican burglars NIXON & AGNEW!

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  1. Ayers was a fucking hero and a patriot (who help end a corrupt war that unnecessarily mamed and injured too many young guys mentally and physically) while Republican NIXON and AGNEW (who was indicted) were the real TERRORISTS invading the Watergate Apartments and creating an unjust war... then both left office in disgrace!

    "I ain't no Senator's son" ... John Fogarty!

    DID ANYONE not take History 101! In my case I didn't have to since I remember it first-hand!
  2. Last time I checked Nixon and corrupt scumbag Spiro Agnew were both REPUBLICANS.... not Independants and not Democrats! !
  3. Ayers....

    I don't understand what the big deal is. why exactly do the Chicago people foam at the mouth over this guy? Who doesn't wanna whack the Pentagon and the Capitol.

    Sounds to me like me was an incompetent fool for not hitting IRS as well.
  4. "You don't need a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows"

  5. My beef with the guy isn't that he was a terrorist Doc. It's that he was the son of one the richest guys in town (the CEO of Com-Ed)
    and then came begging to Daddy for his old mans political clout to get a job teaching in a public university. Real radical, lol. So in answer to your comment, he wouldn't bomb the IRS because he's just another hack making his dime off the TAXPAYERS.
  6. By McCain's supporters logic Illinois University should be labeled a Terrorist organization since Ayers teaches there,and all his students are future terrorists in training
  7. So your beef with him is that he had a rich daddy?

  8. I always found it humerous how his dad stayed out of the news reports of his son. But what kind of radical asks his connected father to call Mayor Daley to get him a job? Did Angela Davis get her gig that way? Days of rage is now pay me a public wage....
  9. You lost me there chief. Your anger runs waaaaaaay deeper than my understanding Chicago politics. I could only say what kind of Mayor (Daley) actually fields those calls from a person that you allude to?

  10. From yesterday's L.A. Times:

    Those of us who follow Chicago politics know that there's a great untold story about Ayers that hasn't surfaced yet in the national media. If the Republicans continue to hammer away at Obama about his admittedly casual relationship with Ayers, expect him to rescued by the poster boy for unimpeachably Middle American values -- Mayor Daley himself. In the insular world of Chicago machine politics, the current mayor isn't just good pals himself with Ayers -- his father, the first Mayor Daley, the guy who had his cops beat up protesters at the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention, was even better pals with Ayers' father, who was a pillar of Chicago business circles, chairman of Commonwealth Edison and a loyal Daley supporter.

    Now that would make a great movie. Imagine the scene where Bill Ayers' dad calls Mayor Daley I when Bill has gone underground after trying to blow up the Pentagon, asking him for some help with the feds who are trying to find his wayward son. "Anything for a friend," the mayor would say. "Just make sure we don't have any blackouts this summer."

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