AXR...yep..I thought so

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  1. It was reasonably priced at 122 by
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  2. blast19


    Impeccable timing on that one huh? Wow...great call rich.
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  3. The stock based for 20 years (or perhaps 35 years) depending on your perspective. Somebody endured/accumulated sideways for that span. It wasn't the specialist. wasn't for a scalp.

    Price to sales is not in la la land. Insiders STILL own a chunk.

    Those holding since 2003, or as recently as early 2006, can weather a 10 to 20 point adverse move and not even flinch due to cushion.

    Until you're booked, you're not homefree. 100 shs. Worth dinking with? What's your potential percentage gain?

    Hard to borrow? You're not using the right broker.

    I see longhorns has crawled out of the woodwork again to lay his pithy eggs of wizdum, only to climb back in, antennae wiggling, satisfied he's made the world a little better place.
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  4. It doesn't change my thoughts on it whatsoever. I don't think there are many traders who would hold overnight after a 21.5 percent gain on any stock.
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  5. You are such an incredible douche bag. Why do all your posts have such a condescending tone? You're probably a bitter lonely old man who is hated by his own family.
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  6. I covered at 99.75.

    I am long JEC @ 86.21, PCP @ 85.44, and DHI @ 28.51.
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  7. Better a douche bag THAN a troll or pop psychologist.

    Condescending? At least an inlking of substance in virtually everything I write. This is an exception.

    You (and your pseudo mouth) originally approached me. Don't act so god damn surprised. Little man behind a computer screen where there's no repurcussions for being a smart ass, with 1600 increments of drivel. Strikes me as a little void in human interaction Make any money today? Do you even have any open positions?

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    If the moderators had a half a wit, they'd confine YOU to chit chat.
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  8. Quote from efficiency

    Better a douche bag THAN a troll or pop psychologist.[/QUOTE]

    Happy to see you admit you're a douche bag.

    You originally approached me.[/QUOTE]

    You hold a grudge worse than a woman....Get over it.

    Little man behind a computer screen where there's no repurcussions for being a smart ass.?[/QUOTE]

    How thick is the irony?

    Make any money today?[/QUOTE]

    Slow today....a little less than 2 sticks after commissions. How about you? You want to compare months so far too? :) :p :D :cool: :eek:
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