AXR...yep..I thought so

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  1. I have to laugh at all the naysayers on here who said I was nuts for wanting to short this stock last week!

    Yes, the stock is already heavily shorted, and yes the insiders own a ton of the outstanding shares thus creating a small float.

    But, look at the stock and where it is headed. Major correction in the works!

    I love it when I am right about a stock!
  2. We love it too... how else would we know it's a blue moon?
  3. LOL :D
  4. typical lame posts.

    I think the serious traders think most of you on here are pathetic.
  5. Did you find any shares to short?
  6. only 100. but not complaining. Just happy I was right about it. With all the posts saying it was a bad idea to short. I am glad I put in a small short position.

    I think the stock will hit 80-90 before support.
  7. Congrats - shares have been hard to find...

    Actually, I've been trading it long intraday and it works well. It seems to follow the S&P almost to the tick, but follows by about 5 minutes. And with the volatility you get from a small float, well.... :D
  8. blast19


    Congrats. Didn't necessarily say it was ugly to actually looked attractive short and long. Certain things about it both ways seemed good.

    Really took a nosedive today....good for you.
  9. Being right is not near as important as being profitable. It was and still is a high risk play either way.
  10. Well, I guess I am confused. Is it possible to be wrong and still make money?

    If I short the stock because I think it will go down and it does go down, I am right aren't I? And I have an unrealized gain right now don't I?

    I guess the only way to be right about something and lose money is to not finish the trade (i.e. wait for the stock to come back up and then sell it!).

    I am planning on holding the short until 80-90 depending on what the stock does in the next week or 2. If the stock stabilizes at this price and slowly moves higher, I will cover, if not I will let it ride down even further.

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