AXR....WOW!...can you say rocketship!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by traderich, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. What is up with this stock in the past few months...amazing run up.

    Amazing that 80% of the float is SHORTED!

    Looks like a big squeeze coming on just for the pure fact that the insiders hold most of the shares, thus there is limited supply out there.

    Any other views from the couch?
  2. Making all time highs with a short ratio of 5.8... definately wont hurt to keep an eye on :)
  3. risky63


    if you know how to "enter" short positions properly.....well soon you"ll get the chance.not yet though.
    the cover rally will be "straight up" (maybe in a month)
  4. the valuation is not based on anything other than the fact that there is so little float and the shorts are getting squeezed as what little stock is out there is gobbled up by longs who are having a field day on this.

    Total manipulation! This is a fun one to watch, and as one reader said 'wait for the proper time to enter the short'.
  5. Looks like this rocketship just crash landed a bit!