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  1. Hi just want to post my recent experiences with Axitrader.

    On Friday 10th August 7am I funded my account with the UK faster payments system. This means that the funds will be in their account within 2 hours – normally an hour and Axitrader would fund the account relatively quickly – within a few hours.

    On Friday 10th August at 11am I asked where the funds were and customer services said she would find out and email me back.

    Friday 10th August at 2pm still nothing so I asked again and they said someone would call me back with when the funds would show in my account.

    Sunday night 12th August market open in the UK 10pm – funds STILL not showing.

    I spoke to customer services and they said the funds would appear at 12 midnight when they perform reconciliation.

    Wake up this morning and the funds are still not in the account. This is a total farce.
    I have spoken to 3 people who told me the funds would be there shortly and in each case it never happened, they simply lied to me.

    No one that said they would get back to me did.

    To compound this I also put this on twitter and they have tried to turn this into a marketing opportunity about their analysis service.

    Over the past month I have been battling customer services to get correct information on a swap free account – a whole month was wasted because it turned out their information they had sent was incorrect.

    Their frontline do not know what they are doing – it appears to be filled with people with very little experience in how the company operates and how to do customer service.

    Axitrader have gone downhill considerably.

    Use someone else like Dukas, Oanda or Pepperstone.
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    Uhhhh Friday --> Sunday.
  3. Uhhhh Money was in Axitrader UK Ltd Friday morning, before London open, this is exposing if you are in the UK you are stuffed.

    It also highlights the total lack of customer service on 3 occasions and that what they said they would do, they didn't.

  4. Brokers think they can behave as they like.

    It's clear they think they can run Axitrader UK out of Australia and treat customers like dirt - use someone else that will treat you like a customer.
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    Is the money in your trading account now?