AXIA and FCT Europe LTD financials

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  1. @Baron informed ET that he was meeting with the AXIA traders and that was the reason why the financials posted to the Jigsaw "500K day" thread were deleted. No word from admins about the meeting so I'll be posting FCT and AXIA's current financials to this thread. FCT Europe is AXIA's backer.

    Thanks for your support.
  2. Baron

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    The CEO and up to five traders from Axia will be here starting Monday, February 17th

    Please do not post documents until they are here and able to respond.

  3. OK. Understood.
  4. Daniel.a


    Without even knowing who or what Axia even is... more than a financial company of some sort.. This is the first forum i have even been a member of where a forum member is asked not to post financial findings about a company (until they in this case would find time to potentially reply), that potentially could help out fellow traders making decisions.... reason i even post this, is because i lost over 1000000 USD to a financial adviser due to fraud.. and this in Switzerland of all places... anyhow... let people post what they want WHEN they want, i would argue its up to the reader to use critical thinking and let readers judge on their own. If company wants to reply, let them reply. In some cases time matters, in my fraud case, time would have mattered... Is this company a fraud, have no idea, perhaps and most likely not. But let forum members judge and decide on their own.

    Is this where i would face the famous "posting/member deleted scenario" i have read about over the years on this forum ? i never really thought it could be like that... well lets see
  5. Nobert


    Time does metter, but it's priority to keep things civilized as well, so that both sides can respond, as stated :
  6. Baron

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    That's the whole point of delaying the process until the company can respond. Otherwise, you'd just be hearing one side, which is an incomplete picture.
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  7. Peblo


    Everyone can view their financials as it is available on Companies House website. I do not understand this thread. There cannot be any other financials than what is publicly available. Odd