Axelrod accidently tells the truth

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  1. When your job is to lie for a living, occasionally the truth just slips out.

    speaking of which : where are they hiding joe biden?
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    I do not know why I am laughing, I do not want to be.

    That last part in the to post about running in place is scary.

    We can see at least axelrod understands what the problem is when you debase the dollar and have progressive taxes. You have to run just to stay in place.
  4. 377OHMS


    Saw it. Chris Wallace tore Axelrod apart. It wasn't pretty.

    I've never thought that Axelrod was a particularly effective spokesman for Obama and he stumbled badly. You can't just talk over the top of Chris Wallace. He'll just sit there patiently until you are done and then repeat the question. :)
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    The three amigos of lies.

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    And, what they would like you to believe.

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    <img src="">

    I might do that young one on the left, You just know she ain't gett'n "nun".
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    That's Axelrod in drag!!!! Yuk!!!! The only real woman up there is the one in the back row!
  10. I'm with lucrum she looks like she can suck some mean ****.
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