AX turning into NYX

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by peilthetraveler, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. So anyone else think that the day NYX starts trading there will be a frenzy of buying?
  2. Any opinions on AX? They got final approval by the SEC to merge with the NYSE a couple of days ago. The stock has more then trippled since the days before the announcement last April.

    With the NYSE going Hybrid this year, I assume they will be using ARCA's technology. I'm long a little and am wondering if anyone else is playing, and what they think.
  3. Hell Ya 1st day of the announced merger last year Loaded up on AX....thankyou....thankyou

    NYSE IPO day going to be the biggest thing we've ever seen....Going to smoke Goog IPO month, BOT month, BIDU month, ICE month, ISE month and challenge NDAQ and CME year (both of which I've owned since IPO day)

    Only better trade to go long for an investment in my opinion was if you had bought TIE at .31c in 2003 (didn't see that one until 2004)
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  4. When is nyse going public?
  5. The Arca/NYSE merger closes on March 4th.

    Here is a link to two of the many reports on the NYSE website:
    From what I have read, any holder of AX stock will recieve a share for share position in NYX.

    AX daily volume is quite low as far as I am concerned. I figured there would be a lot more interest. It's one of those scenereos where I keep asking myself if I am missing something. It should be interesting. :)