AWX, another multi bagger stock

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by qll, Feb 22, 2007.

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    AWX, solid balance book, great cash. Both revenue and income are in a growing trend. I am a value investor. This stock is very similar to my past long term stock picks such as
    TRT, 180% gain in 9 months
    ACY, 300% gain in 9 months
    PARL 1000% in 2.5 years
    PAE, 300% in 6 months
    ZONS, 1000% in 3 years.

    Take a look at AWX's 1 year, 3 year, 5 year chart. Sooner or later Bridgeway type of funds will pick this one up. It will be great for hedge funds and trading desks too.

    I just hope everyone can get enough shares before this one takes off.
  2. Where were you 4 years ago!!!! :p
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    i was on another forum. that forum is dried up. very few posts there now. i have the same userid. i did not see any friends from there on ET. i guess they never do day-trading. i am a terrible daytrader too.
  4. Longhorns is a jealous stalker, ignore his noise.
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    AWX will break $8 soon. Please read the tapes to find the trace of the smart money. They accumulate at this level. There is no sign of any kind of drop in price, no sign of any spike in volume. Price is just keeping moving up for 3+ years!