awtoolkit virus computer doesn't start

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  1. It's a nightmare, just yesterday I was posting about some slowness problems I was experiencing and confessed I never updated anything. This is a very strange coincidence.
    When I turned off my laptop I got an error message awtoolikit something, I did google that and it said it was related to java so I didn't worry. It was late anyway. This morning I can't start my laptop !

    I just rembere awtoolkit something, when I type awtoolkit in Google now I get entries for a trojan !!!

    I am f*cked. This is a brand new laptop I am just going berzerk, this is the last thing that need to go wrong right now.
    How do I start this laptop ?
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    If you have important data better let someone more experienced to try it, else you could do the following
    If it has a dvd-drive, boot from it (change bios settings so the dvd is the first device to boot from instead of the hard disk). Use your windows dvd and choose repair (be carefull not to format or anything the disk cause you will lose your data) so repair and not reinstall or format is the correct option.

    If this doesn’t work find or make a bootable cd with an antivirus build in it and make a scan.

    Something like this

    or this one
  3. the message I got yesterday when shutting down was "awtoolkitwindow" cancel or end program. This program was not in task manager. I searched Google and all i got were references to Java .

    The Acer rep gave a RMA # , he didn't know much, said it could be the hard drive that failed. I am convinced this has something to do with that error message.

    I have had another similar problem in the past on the other PC where Win2K just wouldn'tstart it was a virus . I fixed it but don't know how and what it was exactly. But there isn't much about awtoolkit on Google and I don't know how to get into the BIOS.
    The rep said we tried everything toget in BIOS (F8 at startup) but nothing comes on the screen. The screen is allright because none of my other mons connected to the laptop show anything either.
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    Not even the bios comes up? Strange....try other keys, usually the DEL key should work.
    Try also booting up from the cd, at least you know you can re-install everything.
    This is what I found about your message:

    last response, n.7 looks like the most accurate.
  5. I managed to start the machine by pressing CTRL ALT DEL.
    Windows doesn't want to load. I tried

    start win normally
    last configuration
    safe mode

    a blue screen flashes then I get the same screen with the options above .
    Now if I could only find these recovery disks
  6. I called Acer again. They say I have to use the recovery disks and I will lose all my data. No other option ?
  7. 1) Do you have a USB key? - get one
    2) Download on another computer the Ubuntu Live CD and burn the iso
    3) boot from Ubuntu Live CD and then "mount" your hard disk and USB key
    4) get your data from the HDD and put it on the USB key

  8. I will look into using this Ubuntu program but it sounds complicated.

    I am tempted to just send it back to Acer but I hate the idea of having of my statements available to people there. What are the risks someone can get my data ? Otherwise I have a friend who is very good at troubleshooting PC's. Hopefully she will work her magic on that laptop.
  9. it is menu driven but you have to find the right spot.

    have not had it in years - not required.

    better get your backup / restore working properly before doing anything again

    suggest 1 computer for trading and 1 computer for internet access

    if you are making money trading then you should have the brains to learn to maintain it yourself. otherwise only a matter of time before it really hurts you
  10. I found a tutorial for it. Thanks. I only used this laptop to go to reputable websites , only trading related these past couple of weeks. I usually never get anything. In 8 years I got 3 (nasty) viruses , the troubleshooting of which I documented here actually. A lot of folks a whole lot more computer savvy and better protected than me still get viruses and other problems, so go figure. It' still unclear whether this awtoolkit window is related to a spyware going by the name of awtoolkit on some forums. No mention of it shutting down your machine either.
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