Awsome Ensign service and help.

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by spersky, May 16, 2008.

  1. spersky


    I just wanted to let people know that Ensign software made a lifetime customer here. I went on the Support chat room to ask a few questions and Ensign designer Howard did a direct tutorial and a full walkthrough of the software by remote connection. It took about 2 hours.

    Anyway, just wanted to let people know.

  2. Ensign rocks though I'm using thinkorswim now and their charting is enough for me. I never understood all of the criticism of Ensign in the reviews here.
  3. spersky


    Seriously, I almost did not give it an objective evaluation because of some of those naysayers. Anyway, I am not sure what would posses the designer of Ensign to give me a personal 2 hour tutorial, but it speaks volumes about that company.
  4. I used to work with software (though mainly installing and managing) and am always blown away when I see software like that, with that support.
  5. I agree, I love Ensign.

    As long as I'm trading, I'll be using them.
  6. yeah its pretty cool dealing directly with the guy who created the software rather than just a customer support guy (although they are good also. Same two guys for years, Paul & Sheldon). Howard is always there to help if something really serious screws up.

    Ensign does have a few glitches, but all software does. I've been using it for several years, and wouldn't use anything else.