•World Bank Says Global Economy to Shrink 3%, More Than Estimated; Green Shoots!

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  1. the only green shoots are the new green dollars they are printing.
  2. Dude, ES is breaking 950. Give it up already. Buy and make some money!
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    No need to rush into this market, my friend did in 2007 when everything was running wild and he is still holding onto losses, you will be able to buy the s&p 500 at 950 for at least another decade or so.

    This reminds me of October 2007, however this time 14k is a far stretch from where we are today.

  4. Nope. We are breaking out to at least 13,300 in the next three months.

    I can feel it.

  5. With all of your financial knowledge and wisdom, couldn't you help the guy out and tell him to sell? Especially since you're convinced of new lows to come...
  6. What do you think about the part in the article about how the IMF has raised it's growth forecast for 2010? You neglected to comment on that part...
  7. I know (or believe) you're trading, probably with tight stops, but where do you see these market by year end?
  8. Did you now recommend him to flip positions and short the SP500, considering how convinced you are that the SP500 will see new lows in the near future?
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