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  1. vanzandt


    Armstrong World Industries
    Heading south.
    Short on any pre-market strength tomorrow.
  2. vanzandt


    Got PM'd on this one....
    Wanna see how well they're doing where the rubber meets the road?
    You go their website and search "manufacturing jobs". IE, the folks in the factories.
    "There are currently no open positions matching this category or location. "
    In all 4 U.S. locations.
    Couple that with the chart T/A, the short interest, the 52 week high/low... and a BILLION in debt...
    Thats all ya need to know.
    I really should get a salary around here.
    Whatever.... :D
    I hope it gaps to $47
  3. dealmaker


    You nailed it! Are you short?
  4. vanzandt


    Naaaa. No current position DM.
    All in good time. Gotta let em run.