“White Americans Are Cancer, Parasites, and Squatters”

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  1. “White Americans Are Cancer, Parasites, and Squatters”

    By Mark Farrell

    It is bad enough that there are over 20 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.; but, when you realize their feelings behind closed doors, it’s enough to turn any ordinary White American beet-red.

    A website called the “Mexica Movement” states that White Americans are sub-human and “have been illegally occupying our continent, like parasites, like a cancer, on our people and our continent, stealing the wealth of our lands, killing our people, enslaving our people, since 1492.”

    In the center of their web page, there is a picture of the earth. A hand labeled “European Terrorism” stabs the center of it, causing blood to drip. Three ships named the “Death,” “Genocide,” and “Enslavement” are shown there. Continuing, the website states:

    “We totally reject all illegal European colonial squatter occupation borders on our continent. We also reject COLONIALISM’S right to keep stealing the wealth of our lands, our continent.”

    White Americans shouldn’t be surprised when we see such stuff, however. Quite to the contrary, we, as White Americans, should expect this. For years, Whites have been stewing around like pathetic little puppies, swallowing guilt and exhorting phrases that always begin with, “I’m not racist, but …” when talking of Mexicans who plan to take back America. In essence, Whites have become weak and afraid; they have denied their heritage.

    It is no wonder that Kennedy was able to put forth his immigration law that discriminated against Whites in the 1960s (though he said that it would not lead to a change in the population). Whites, acting like little sheep who casually rejected the idea, were too fearful of being called “racist” to react.

    Since Kennedy’s anti-White immigration bill of the ’60s, America has changed: In the 1960s, 85 percent of the population was White–or 17 out of 20 people. Today, Whites are only 66 percent of the population–about 13 of every 20 people–and the percentage of Whites in America is quickly going down. There are over 100 million non-Whites in the U.S.–much more when you include the tens of millions of illegal aliens. And Kennedy continues to be elected by Whites.

    We see our politicians speaking timidly of making the Mexican citizens, just as Reagan did during his terms. Whites ask: When will it stop–when Whites are the minority? No–not even then; it will continue until there are few, if any Whites, left, unless we stand up for ourselves.

    When Mexicans are all granted citizenship–just as they were during the Reagan years–the anti-White discrimination laws that fester in our civilization will indeed be used for their benefit too. We can expect that the anti-White discrimination laws–whether they be used for busing (at our expense), housing (at our expense), loans (at our expense), education (at our expense), hiring (at our expense), or promotions (at our expense)–will be used against Whites, just as they always have. Of this we can be certain

    There is another thing of which we can be sure: When White Americans DO become the minority, which they inevitably will unless they somehow gain a backbone and stand up for themselves, the anti-White discrimination will still continue to be gleefully used against them, just as it is in South Africa, even though Whites remain a minority. Whites should not expect the anti-White discrimination to end even then. In fact, when Whites become a minority, Whites will no longer even have a “choice” in the matter, as non-Whites will control the votes. Then, it will be too late, and the matter will no longer be able to be resolved in a peaceful manner.

    White Americans are paying for their own subjugation–for a tyranny far worse than anything America’s RACIST FOUNDING FATHERS had ever envisioned. And, let’s be honest with ourselves and admit the truth: America was founded by racist White people, but it was also found FOR racist White people. Why should we deny our heritage and be ashamed? We won the battles with our forefathers’ blood. We won the fights. To say that the White people who founded America and who promoted Manifest Destiny were wrong; to suggest that we should be ashamed of our past and remain complacent; to arrive at the idea that we should nimbly sit and take what is now being thrown upon us–all these ideas are suicidal. All such ideas will ultimately end in the dispossession of America.

    Indeed, to say that the Founding Fathers were somehow wrong is self-genocidal.

    If we are to tolerate this tyranny being imposed upon us by sitting; if we ignore these travesties of justice occurring, we deserve our fate. However, if we should deny these gross injustices and work to prevent these attacks on our liberties; if we should stop the usurpation of our heritage, all hope is not lost. And, perhaps, even a new salvation may one day return to make our cities safe, our jobs secure, our education restored, and our land returning anew to the Founding Fathers’ intent.

    Website of the Mexica Movement:

    Article Source: http://www.honestmediatoday.com/index.htm