Awfull october

Discussion in 'Trading' started by futuman, Oct 27, 2005.

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    This far it's been the worst october for
    years. Does this signal the end for the
    bull run, or do we possibly get a huge two day rally?

  2. I wouldn't count on a huge 2 day rally , MSFT is down, looks like we could be in for an ugly end of the month
  3. I havent't been trading for the last 8 / 10 weeks... and im not sorry i havent!!
    I been taking the time out for other things but also been studing new materials, will be back trading in 2 weeks or so.

    This mkt has been kind of tricky.... most likely i would have lost $$ had i stayed in.... as it stands my account is still right at an all time high.

    Knowing when to stay out is just as important as knowing what to trade.
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    I think this October action is just a part of a multiweek topping process for the broad market. Expect at least 10-15% lower levels for the major indices (SPX, NDX, RUT) during 2006
    Of course there are always attractive investment choices. I'd accumulate XAU stocks on pullbacks.
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    In the past 20 years, 1987 has the worst Oct with NASDAQ down -27.23% and DOW down -23.21%, followed by 2000, 1997 and 1990. So far this year, Oct is ranked as the fifth worst october since 1986. Currently, we are down -4.08% NASDAQ for the month. See what is the final rankings in the end of the month. Looks like ugly and getting worse.
  7. I have no clue as I follow price action in a few select stocks and OCTOBER was a great month for myself...Would be for anyone else if they would have bought 200 GOOG Nov 400 calls @.25 the afternoon b-4 earnings for $5k and then sold them for $1.60 for a cool $32k....Even if you held them, they are still going for $1.40 but I didn't hold mine..
  8. bump.... to show how sentiments repeat :cool:
  9. This October was no suprise to me.....:)
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    I didn't even realize that the first post was 3 years old. :)

    Times like this tells you just how robust your system is...
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