Awesome trading tutorial ! ! ! !

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by NoProblem, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. This guy just gave me the go ahead to post this.

    He does not make predictions - rather, after +15 years trading experience, he teaches you what to watch for - for free on YouTube!

    Just check out at least a few of his vids and decide for yourself - either way, the 4 to 9 minutes you spend will be, IMO, time well spent!

  2. buybig


    nice, concise, and clear
  3. saluki


    Very good info, thank you. :)
  4. You're very welcome!

    I think his vids can help clarify a lot of things for a lot of folks!
  5. Arrrrrrrgh, matey! It's not a treasure map for ye seasoned old sea-dogs of trading, but for a green sailor who hasn't got his sea legs yet, at least it's freeeeee...
  6. This pirate crap is going to get real old real fast.

  7. LOL Cocaine, it's 10 x better than starting new anti-Jack Hershey threads ... and at least he's good for a chuckle or two.
  8. LOL :p

    We'll see just how long that shit keeps up.
  9. LOL... Yes, he's definitely funny