AWESOME Jason Beghe Interview - Ex-Scientologist celebrity speaks out

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Daxtrader, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. I read Hubbard's book years ago. Its still the most worthless garbage that I ever ran across.:(
  2. The dude said the easiest way to make money was to create a religion. Can't believe people like Tom Cruise are so brainwashed.
  3. I'll bet our resident Scientologist ZZZenu has no comment for us in this thread.
  4. kut2k2


    Exactly. Scientology is essentially the result of a bar bet. Hubbard bet a fellow science fiction writer that people were so gullible, he could just make up a religion and some fools would fall for it.

    What Tom Cruise, John Travolta and other Hollywood Scientologists don't realize is that they get the "deluxe" version, which has little resemblance to what the average Joe and Jane has to go through to become 'clear'. Imagine if some airline always let you fly first-class at a deep discount; you might have little or no sympathy for the folks riding in coach, breathing stale air and eating peanuts and paying full price. That's Scientoilogy and their celebrity spokespeople in a nut shell.
  5. olias


    I heard that too. It's totallly absurd. And their lawyers are so quick to harrass anyone who dares speak out against it.

    Wasn't it Bill Clinton who was responsible for officially recognizing Scientology as a religion and granting them all of the associated tax breaks? What a douche...