Awesome iPhone Dow Charts.. Indice history

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by princetontiger8, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. I have been looking for this app as a pocket reference for quite some toye... Check it out guys. Its cheap and everyone was like, nah, wasnt around... Now i can whip it out in class
  2. Thats not the same thing...
  3. For REAL traders, its all we need and more. Period
  4. Well, whatever... This way i can view this stuff offline... I cant go back to 1950 on that chart

  5. Why on earth would you need to go back to 1950? Are you one of those ppl that over analyzes things?...just curious

    ........I also know quite a few pro traders at 2 private hedge funds and 2 others (at Deutche Bank, and Barclays-equities, commod, etc.) that never go back that far when they look at a chart. Are you a long term position trader? much experience do you have trading?

    Plus that "whip it out in class" remark you made makes U look amateurish in this business... was pretty lame to say that, dont you think?

    Dont try to impress ppl....bcuz it wont make you any money.

    Nothing personal towards you, just some constructive critique.