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  1. Great story. thanks for link.
  2. bumping for msfe to read :)

    F. P.
  3. What a great man. Reminds me of Oscar Schindler.

    I'm usually not exactly fond of lawyers, or guys named Mohammad...but this guy rocks!
  4. Great story FRuiTY PeBBLe.

    Glad to see you sober and sharp!
  5. Gosh, msfe a/k/a teenage troller, why on earth would this guy turn on that nice man Saddam? I guess he doesn't subscribe to ET and receive the benefits of your pasting.
  6. Yeah Max, that must be it.

    Had this man been reading the Guardian/ Observer, he'd realize that the Americans shouldn't have been trusted...and besides, Saddam's regime would never resort to torture. The nice man in black was just trying to swat a fly away from her face...

  7. Golly gosh Maxi, an isolated act of compassion. Darn it, that shoots down my entire thesis!
  8. You had a thesis? Maybe you meant antithesis.
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