‘We Have to Go Spend Money to Keep From Going Bankrupt’

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  1. Is it funny when fiscal conservatives like myself argue that the Republicans are utterly and entirely worthless on economic policy, and have marginalized themselves to the half educated with catchphrases and Joe Plumber and Sarah Palin?

    I don't know anyone who is telling you that.
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    sure we can, stand by and see what inflation does... it's going to kill old people like it did in the Carter years.. I remember Jerry Brown was the governor of California and thousands of people on fixed incomes were losing their homes due to unpaid tax bills, that bastard did nothing for them after they worked all their lives and paid off their houses... He was concerned about his "consenting adults behind closed doors" stuff which included the queer thingy that gave us aids and killed off tens of thousands of hemophiliacs right off the bat and then how many hundreds of thousands after that... can anybody point out one thing that Democrats have ever done that actually was a good idea?

    Obama's idea of distribution of wealth is about getting money to blacks, the most loyal Democrat voters.. just watch where it all goes... The stimulus package that hasn't hardly even started to be spent, and BO is taking credit for the turnaround...

    Personally I'm thinking in terms of making a fortune and setting up a Warlord territory. When this government gets so weak they can't tax me I'll go tell them to shove it so far sideways that it blurs their vision.. :cool:
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  3. The piece of data is the same exact data quoted before. It was the relevant the whole time.

    Well when you don't include Obama's $787 Billion porkulus bill, I guess your argument makes sense. When you do include, you argument is completely bogus.
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    This is over the line. You can get your point across without all the profane name calling. Please reel it back a couple notches.

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  5. I'm surprised that people here still fall for the liberal/conservative paradigm trap.

    It's the foundation of the economy that is at issue here. Bush and Obama have more in common than most see.

    Here is what I wrote elsewhere regarding Biden's comment:

    This is no surprise. Remember when George Bush said we had to disregard Capitalism to save it?

    Are these politicians dumb or is there something else going on here? I don't think they're dumb. My conclusion is this:

    When you have a consumption and credit based economic system that relies on ever increasing asset valuations (ala Ponzi) and a Banking sector that gets bailed out by the Privately Held Central Bank each time it miscalculates risk...

    Then you will have politicians saying ridiculous things.

    A ridiculous and unsustainable system cannot rely on sound logic to defend it. Only illogical arguments can defend the existence of such an artificial and usustainable economic system.
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  6. Yes, it's such a juvenile thing to do. When you mature, learn what's really going on, then you know that they're both lying to you and you get the 'real truth' from foreigners. <b>lol</b>

    Or didn't you know that the claptrap you get from foreigners is the same thing you can see on Bill Moyers or read on the dailyscuz.com every day? Funny, those left wing loonies think they're the only people with the 'real truth', too. (shaking head)
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  7. Are you fhl? If not, I guess I left you with such a strong impression from a prior post, that now you're second guessing yourself and you views? Sorry kid... no, there is no Santa Claus, and everybody, including the party or politician you worship, is in it for themselves.

    I don't mean to make you cry with my dose of reality, but that's how the real world works.

    Your post tells me you're trying to convince yourself more than you're trying to convince me.

    Now grow up... really... it's embarassing reading the childlike views of the ignorant.
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  9. Thank you.
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