“Way of the Turtle”

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  1. Another similar conclusion he drew (I've seen this in my own backtesting), is that most typically advocated ATR based stops are worse than having large to no ATR based stops at all. In other words, systems with wide stops (large to no atr stop or wide MA period), generally perform better.
    Pretty much refuting/clarifying a lot of problems with many authors (van tharp, etc...) advocating 2-3 ATR type stops in their books.
    Another great example of theory vs. reality.
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    Yes I do. However, I don't expect a new trader to "get it" yet.
    I think a newbie should read it, then go on to make all the expected newbie mistakes. Then come back and read it again once he/she has enough experience to "get it". JMO
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    In the meantime there is only one system that works:

    Trade what you see.

    Get it?

    I will further explain if anyone is interested.

    I hope this helps.

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    Please explain further. Do any of these statements have the same meaning as yours?
    1. The system "Trade what you see" works, and there is no other system anywhere on earth that works
    2. If anybody claims to have a profitable track record trading any system other than "Trade what you see," they are lying
    3. Profitable system traders such as Winton and Renaissance and Transtrend, all use the same single system: "Trade what you see"
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    Yes, I would agree with all three of the statements you listed.

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    any good?
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  7. i prefer trade what you think, not what you see.

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    Well, of course you have the right to trade the way you want to.

    Me? I leave my thinking to the back page of the newspaper = sports section.

    I trade on the basis of what I KNOW - and that is: "What I SEE."

    Get it?

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  9. Tom134, Please explain "trade what you see" as you said you would!:confused:
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  10. my remote viewing or psychic abilities are not developed enough to see the future price so I must stand aside when others trade what they see. perhaps one day i'll be able to trade what I see.

    thank you
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