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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by mvalley, Dec 4, 2006.

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    Hello all,

    I have a order question that I can't figure out. I have an IB account and place a lot of orders (100+) the night before for various stocks at various limit prices.

    I only want to buy the stock XYZ if it declines to that price, not if it gaps below it.

    For example. I put in a buy limit order for stock XYZ at $10. It gaps down overnight and opens at $7. My order now is filled at $7. I do not want this. I want only it to fill if it slides down to $10 intraday.

    How can I do this in IB? I'm using the Excel DDE stuff, so it has to be possible in that.

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    The one possible solution I looked at is using Discretionary orders and having the Discretionary amount be $0.001.

    I'm not sure if that would work in practice.
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  4. If you dont want the risk of gaps, only place orders intraday (since thats what you want anyways, intraday moves to certain price levels).

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    you can play with GAT and precautionary settings in TWS, but imo best way is custom software application.
  7. Just a question...why? Gaps tend to fill, or at least bounce, from the opening gap downs (or up)...but when a stock just drifts down, it's generally not a good thing to get involved with. Pre-determined price targets long and short, rarely work. IMO.

    A way to do it, if you like, is to simply place a 9:45 start on your Active-X control to submit orders via your Excel link....right?


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    The reason is my backtesting only tests things that dont gap down & fill. I'm using stockfetcher to backtest and it just avoids those situations.

    I guess in theory I could try it in amibroker, but I dont think it would backtest very well.

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    I've been looking at more possibilities... Couldn't I just use Limit if Touched Orders and place the Aux price at 0.01 above the limit buy price?

    I believe this would guarantee that I couldn't enter on a gap.

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    in my understanding this will not work. Let's say you want to buy the stock at 10$ then the limit order (or limit/market if touched order) will be executed as soon as the price is 10$ or LOWER. So if the stock opens with a gap (7$) then the order is filled. Remember a limit price should only protect you to get a worse price (here higher price) but not a better price (7$ is lower and therefore better).

    Instead of placing all orders at once at the opening you can also use a stockscreener (like Radarscreen in Tradestation) which alerts you when a stock is approaching your limit but only if it doesn't open with a predetermined gap. This way you have enough time to place your orders.
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