avoiding automatic liquidation by IB

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  1. Dear fellow traders,
    l was informed by IB's Tom today that to avoid liquidation:
    1. l would only have to ensure net liq value is greater than 90% of current maintenance margin.
    2. are there not other things to look out for eg 'current excess liquidity' having to be greater than 0 by 345pm ET(to avoid potential automatic liquidation), or do they just come together, so if current excess liquidity is greater than zero, then net liq value is greater than 90% of current maintenance margin?
    3.does IB not give margin calls?
    4. how does IB lite compare to their pro for trading US options?
    thanks in advance
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  2. Overnight


    1. If that is what he said, get it in writing. If it turns out he lied and you get liquidated by having greater than 90% current maintenance margin in your account, sue them for breach of contract.

    2. See #1.

    3. You bet your ass they do. I believe they even charge you a few for margin calls.

    4. No knowledge of that.
  3. Good luck with that one... You'd probably have more luck complaining to the relevant regulatory body.
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    I know, but really, how else can you respond with something that MIGHT be a valid idea? IB is a monster and can do what they want with impunity to the small guys. Sux.
  5. Maybe this is IB's infinite leverage-gate.
  6. gaussian


    Just because a rep says something doesn't make it true. IB clearly delineates their trading policies on their website, and in the Tolkien-esque legal documents they make you sign.

    OP is advised to read what he signed. Talking to a rep isn't a contract signing.
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    Exactly. Which is why I typed..."1. If that is what he said, get it in writing."
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    I did terrible on English placement exams because I can't read.
  9. Sig


    Actually in my experience if someone in "customer service" at IB tells you something that actually makes it less likely to be true!
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    "Cannot reading" and "just not reading" are two different things. You get a pass. :)
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