Avoid OEX OEYQP puts

Discussion in 'Options' started by roncer, May 4, 2007.

  1. roncer


    Yeah this sweet OEX put was one of my worst experiences in a long time. I traded it about 5 times using IB's TWS before I finally just gave up. They would commonly take up to a minute to post my bid. Same long delay for fills. I think they like to wait because sometimes a trader will move his position thinking he has not been filled. Also I had the experience of right at the top of the range today I enter a buy and they don't post it. So I wait for maybe 2 minutes and hit enter again......still no post. So I close it...that works of course. And mind you this trade was right on. I think the bid would have been filled right at the high tick if they would just post the it. This is pretty much the way trading was all morning with this OEYQP bunch.

    Then I shifted over to the OEYES calls and price is posted in 5-10 seconds and fill time was very similar. It was like 2 different planets. How they handle your order makes all the difference in the world. And OEYQP stinks something fierce.