Avoid Fxcm At All Cost.

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by bxptone, Nov 26, 2008.

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    Sunday evening outage and now I can't close or open any postions and I'm getting slaughtered in my short GBP/JPY trade, I've had a serious on winning trades I'm up in my account, no sour grapes here, THEY ARE TERRIBLE!!!!

    I know there's already a thread about forex brokers reviewed, but I've been around these forums for a while so pelase leave this post, THIS HAS BEEN THE WORST EXPERIENCE I'VE EVER HAD WITH ANY BROKER.

    Probably paired up with MSNBC to sucker people, I've read it was a bucket shop, didn't have any problems with them in the past, but it's a horror show.

    Posted this on another forum, been 5 minutes still cant do a thing.
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    I can now trade, and they filled my trades 20 PIPS BELOW, IMGOT FUCKED,

  3. I use them sometimes and no real issues.
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    I used them a while back and had no issues. Opened a mini account to try some things and outage Sunday evening and now this today, don't know whats up, but it aint on my end.

    I'm able to trade, but i had to trades haning in the air and both got filled at ridiculous prices, luckily GBPJPY pulled back so I'm good, dont know whats going on over there.

    If I knew how to get a screen shot I would post it but whatever.

    Its hard enought to make and KEEP your money without things like this happening./
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    If you couldn't get out of your positions why didn't you call them immediately? It seems like you could have done that and THEN posted your experience online.

    Instead, as soon as your positions got frozen, you took the time to go onto 2 seperate forums to post about it? Something doesn't add up here...
  6. I was thinking the same thing, don't they have a telephone trading facility?

    It's tough when platforms go down but it's the nature of the beast unfortunately, we rely on technology to always work and it doesn't!

    Maybe consider having a back-up to cover yourself when things like this happen, preferably one with dealers on the end of a phone in case you need them!
  7. that sunday they had a freaking meltdown and couldnt close things over the phone either. I called them every 30 mins.

    it was 3 hours or more, and completely unacceptable. Sunday open is perilous enough to have to deal with that shit.
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    and let me guess......you're going to stay with FXCM after all this crap happened....:eek:
  9. Due to pending NFA regulations FXCM is going to be one of the few brokers still standing.
  10. my trading situation is such that I have no say at the moment.
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