AVID and NILE upgrdaed

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by razor99, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. razor99


    noth look good..AVID has a nice bottoming formation going on..i think it can see 36.40 area. NILE looks like it can hit 42 and maybe 42.20.
  2. Lots of overhead resistance. This is a classic long/short play. The short play comes in right now and then we cover/long over the summer waiting in anticipation of Christmas.

    Cramer and all the rags love to pump Nile through the Christmas season but abandon it over the summer.

    I havent looked at the charts or the fundamentals, but I would be skeptical about buying Nile at over 40 dollars and the short interest demonstrates that Im not the only one who seems pensive about this play.
  3. razor99


    i agree,i just posted it for those that were interested..that said,AVID does have a chart that looks ready to move in spite of all the short interest..only problem,AVID has a long history of disappointing when they report .i actually played it for a mere .20 cents and AVID for .40...
  4. NILE up 9 on no news. REG SHO stock forever.

    I think the big boys are in a serious pinch.
  5. NY_HOOD


    it was upgraded this morning by smith barney. 88 target.
  6. Nine bucks? SBSH is that good?
  7. NY_HOOD


    no. the shorts are getting killed. take a look at NGPS as well. i think it can see 39 on a break of 38.50.