Avian Flu coming your way!

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    Sanofi-Pasteur is about to deliver next month 100 million Avian Flu vaccines (at $15 USD each) to the U.S. Consider this, it is impossible to develop a pandemic virus vaccine without having a source of the pandemic virus first.

    Read this, it might prove to be very important.


    Look out for unusual activity in the BioTech stocks (i.e they will be going sky high as everything else is dropping)
  2. But avian flu does exist, primarily in the very countries the vaccine would have been developed from , via various trade partners.

    I'm not huge on the concept of vaccines, but you have to understand most of the true pioneers of the idea tested their stuff on themselves, a giant leap of faith.

    Further, we are not talking about stuff that wont kill or disfigure you, despite "issues" with polio vaccine initially, it has been mostly eradicated, has it not?

    Rabies is another classic, you wouldn't believe what they did to come up with that, but it worked. Mostly.

    Rubella, smallpox, (now) cervical cancer, rabies, there are enough diseases to go around.

    Cervical cancer?What? There doing it, with little or no actual proof of efficacy, that is always the issue with this stuff.

    Given the links you provided, and the fact Rumsfeld was up to his neck in similar deals, its easy to become cynical.

    The greatest irony, is that the only people with legitimate immunity to most of these things, via a torturous struggle against conformity, and by natural selection, may well be mormons, or the amish.
    Unlikely, but then they don't believe in natural selection either.
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    The point is, the so called "pandemic outbreak" will miraculously come out of nowhere when the 100 million vaccinations have been delivered. Which could be within the next few months if the vaccines are about to be delivered! If it goes down like this it is a sign that things are much much worse than the anti NWO pesimists fear.

  4. I disagree, marginally.
    Lets face it , the direct links to companies , families, cannot be ignored, dating back to the pre war era (19th century, for you dummies) but yeah, pandemic outbreak appears more and more likely.

    But then, your doctor evil, most of your ideas have been and gone already, no?
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    Does that mean that when it happens you won't be taking the vaccine?
  6. That would depend, on if it were presented as a blue, or red pill.