AVG to no longer be free

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  1. For a while now, I have been advised with pop-up screens that my free version AVG anti-virus software will no longer be free effective January 15, 2007.

    I have been using the free version of AVG anti-virus software since early this summer without incident. I had gone through Norton and McAfee in the past and found AVG to be the most trouble-free anti-virus software I have used thus far. When I had encountered issues of one kind or another in the past with either Norton or then McAfee, I found that technical support was both fairly useless and, therefore, expensive. Consequently, I am disinclined to subscribe to a paying service come January.

    Among those of you here who presently use AVG Free, what will you be doing in mid-January?
  2. I will be looking for a crack/keygen online for the pro version imo

    AVG is the best
  3. Using Linux. :)
  4. ntfs


    I haven't seen this on my computer. Are you using 7.5vs? A month or two ago I did have to install a new version.

  5. I'll see your ntfs... And raise you a reiserfs-4. :D
  6. Limewire doin a real good deal on avg pro :cool:
  7. use aol anti virus
  8. AVG 7.1 is going away, AVG 7.5 is available in the free version.
  9. Don't trouble me with details. I'm a big-picture guy. :D

    Actually, thanks for the link. I updated both of my computers to the 7.5 free version. (And thanks to TradingGuy as well for the heads up.)
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