Avg Daily Trding Range ES,NQ

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Winston, Jan 6, 2004.

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    Would someone please inform me, save me the actual calculating, what the avg daily trading range is for ES and NQ. Also, for the COMPQ and S&P. Please let me know age eg 1mos, 2mos worth of daily data. Is it possible to download this data from e-sig into excel? Thanks & Happy New Year!:)
  2. Since 12/1/03, the average daily high - low for ES is 9.96 and for NQ it is 23.96.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Since 1962, the S&P's average daily trading range has been about 1.5% percent of the opening price. Over the last 6 months it's been much lower than that though (probably just about two thirds of the historical average). The Naz is typically a decent amount higher but I don't have any figures for you off hand.

    You can download data from esignal by going to data export then saving the data as a csv file (which you can open in excel). There's also a lot of free daily data from Yahoo finance.
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    Thanks. Was guestimating NQ around 20. I'll attempt excel download. In the mean time anyone have the avg daily vol for the NQ & ES? Thanks again.
  5. Since 12/01:

    NQ -- 250,354
    ES -- 500,479
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    The 10d ADRs for the ES/NQ are 8/17.
  7. It looks like you have all statistics handy. Is there available some data on when high or low of the day was completed by hour ? Per example : At 10:00 10 % of day high and 12: of day low were completed. At 11:00 25 % of high was ...... and so on.
  8. I haven't been keeping up the intraday e-mini data in my database, just EOD. I trade stocks and use the e-mini data as an overall market reference to try and trade on the correct side of the market.