avg age on this site

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  1. has anyone seen a poll of the average age of users of ET?

    I'm wondering what % fall in the "under 21 and want to be a trader" category and how many are really trading.
    how many are over 21 but stuck in jobs and can't trade?

    also, i'd be curious how many retired people use this site , treating their investing more like trading.
    maybe a poll if nobody knows
  2. LOL 21.... try 50.

    Most people on ET are retirees with plenty of time on their hands
  3. how about people who aspire to retire

  4. LOL
  5. based on some posts/replies/temper tantrums there's a lot of six year olds

  6. LOL again.... :D Its true.
  7. spinn


    better question, how many alcoholic drinks per day?

    fkbushites chimes in at 27.
  8. 47..
  9. Stosh


    I'm 66 and trading from the nursing home....... Alzheimer's wing. Stosh
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