Averaging into FMD - HELP!

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  1. Hey all, I posted in the FMD thread, but I really need opinions at this point. I averaged into FMD and am wondering if anyone has any hope it will go back up. I have been buying all the way down...
  2. Many of us have added a ton of $5 and $2.50 put contracts with time on them such as the january contracts.

    If she goes tits up at least someone will owe you for the short position and hopefully you hold enough of them to recover all or most of the long side loss.

    Best of luck to you et al.

  3. From how high?

    Its a great buy here (3.30-4.00). You are buying cash and get a 'business in moratorium' (hopefully) for free. It'll go back up when the private student loan market starts working again. Maybe you'll luck out and they do something as soon as this earnings call / the fed will save the day.

    Otherwise, buy and hold.
  4. I want to give you a price but I rather just bury my head in the sand and hope...

  5. That should work. It's an excellent strategy.
  6. Sometimes its the best strategy. Sometimes its the worst. Fortunately, this company has support w/ its fundamentals at this price. Not leveraged negative a la BSC.

    Try to step back, forget about the past, and evaluate it as a new trade. Would you buy it here or sell it here? Do that (assuming of course you have a methodology of some sort).

    ps: I'm a new shareholder ... my avg price is 3.64; I'm green, and have a small position. I'm not in from 35 underwater still in out of desperation. (although I've had other positions work out like that ...)
  7. IMO, there is no point in buying this stock, or any stock for that matter, until it exceeds it's last pivot which it has not. Until then it is dead money. Why buy a stock before it can show you it wants to move up?
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  8. eagle


    Are you talking about this one "First Marblehead Corp. (NYSE: FMD)"?

    IMO, chances are good but not excellent (I don't like its business). The EPS is positive meaning that it isn't a money-losing company. And it has a lift-off today (+11%) with good trading volume, close to daily average volume; still have room for new comers. The second day is very crucial to determine whether was it just a false spike or it's really a lift-off that can attract new comers. Let see it on Monday.
  9. Yeah the last 3 runs have all faded in the past week. The one to 5.60, 4.75, and yesterday to 4.14.

    It needs a news driven PR to break out or this 10% bounce will fade as well. I'll take a fucking rumor pump driven Buffet infusion.:)
  10. pivots -etc...

    all of this tea-leaves analysis means nothing. Fundamentals will change the value of this company profoundly.

    Until then, for the daytrader, it is buy 3.30-3.50, sell 4.00-4.50.
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