*Averaging* 50% daily ATR on the ES including costs/slippage w/ profit factor of 2.0+

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    Say across a span of 100 trading sessions, is it possible for a master ES daytrader to consistently capture one-half of the daily range after costs with a low risk of ruin?

    Please share your thoughts on the possibility.
  2. 3x the daily range son.
  3. Just 3x? :confused:

    6x to be considered a pro with the guys that I trade with.
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  10. 3x ATR is good if its like your first week trading.

    as mandlebroset said, 6x is good once you're past novice level.

    i have a blackbox system running on ES, NQ and 6B that pulls 27x, 25x, and 15x ATR, respectively). Unfortunatley im only able to trade 50 ES cars at a time which limits my daily P/L (after commissions) to around $75k. Everything is automated so i just sit back and watch my account grow while i drink $20k wine and read Trader's Monthly. Sometimes tho when the weather is nice i'll go out and polish my Veyron instead.
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