Average withdrawl time at your brokerage

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by usman88, Feb 21, 2008.

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    Well lets see which brokerage firm has the lowest withdrawl time. By withdrawl time I mean the time it takes from funds withdrawl rquest to the time funds are credited in your bank account
    For me its 1-2 days. broker is MFGlobal
  2. Our traders, same night ACH into checking account.


  3. That's not fair, Don. You own the joint.
  4. usman88


    well in my case its from US to Pakistan wire transfer
    can u do same night transfer in this case too?
  5. Being in the eastern part of the country, I find it to be more without drawl.
  6. Schwab and Fidelity credit my bank account the morning after I initiate the ACH transfer.

    E*Trade credits my bank account 2 mornings after I initiate the ACH transfer.
  7. With IB, if I make the wire request by 3 in afternoon, I have money in my bank account next morning. Under 24 hours.
  8. Now that's funny.:p
  9. Depends on your banking relationship at your end.