Average True Range Envelope

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by coryrh, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. coryrh



    Does anyone know if an indicator exists for Ninjatrader that is similar to Real Tick's Average True Range Envelope?

    I would like to plot an average true range envelope based on the 20 period EMA using a 1 standard deviation offset for the plot.

  2. maxpi


    One standard deviation of ATR offset from the 20 ema.... somebody could code that up fairly easily... code for the ATR, the 20 ema and the standard dev all exist in the packaged indicators, somebody would just have to work out the code.

    NinjaTrader is the easiest and quickest software I've seen for coding up indicators quickly btw......
  3. Might also go by the name of Keltner channel.
  4. DonKee


    lol, that was good for a chuckle.
  5. coryrh


    I did use the Keltner channel code as the base code for this indicator. In Ninjatrader, the default Keltner code uses the simple moving average instead of the exponential moving average. It was indeed a simple change to make.

    The formula for Keltner doubles the ATR and adds it to the EMA. I did keep this functionality as opposed to what I stated in my original post.

    The ninjatrader base code also allows for a user selected offset, which is nice.

    As for DonKee, I'm glad my posts are amusing to you.