Average Pips move profit per day in FX Markets

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  1. I want to know what you think is average Pips profit (move)
    per day that is fairly reasonable to look for, say EUR/USD?

    I am talking about number of pips (move) that you can catch
    on average in a single day, we don't count how many regular
    lote do you play, so that is not counted. It's just how much of
    a move that you catched?

    Click on the "The Deal" from dropdown menu on left side.
    Look at what this guy is explaining? Is he saying that
    catching a 20 pips per day is a lot to achieve?
  2. what I think is a reasonable profitable trade??

    I think 20-100 pip trades (profit not unrealized gain) can be achieved consistently, but not everyday of course. I'm not trading euro this year, but the pound instead.... but I am currently trailing the pound with 210+ pip profit since last night. Since the pound and euro are pretty much in sync right now, the same trade on the euro would be about the same profit as well.
  3. btw, I don't know what exactly you meant by a "single day." If you meant average profitable trade that can be made everyday then I don't know. If you meant average profitable trade that can be made in a 24 hour period then that is the question that I answered.
  4. Thanks and i know it varies from day to day. Some day you
    lose, another day you win bigger, what after a month you
    average out with certain profit amount per trade?, or some
    look at positive expectancy, like expectancy of 0.20 means
    you made $1.20 for every $1 you risked

    My question is what does average profitable trader
    should expect, average move for realized profit per
    day after one month?
  5. oh ok... Well on average which includes those profitable and unprofitable months... I think 300 pips per month... or 15 pip per day can be achieved imo
  6. Average range for EUR/USD is about 100 pips a day

    so making 15 pips or 15 % of the range sounds realistic.
  7. You can even say 30 pips is acheivable.

    5 pips is a good benchmark for scalps. (need low spread of course)

    15 pips is a nice healty profit you want to keep.

    30 pips can be done during morning or afternoon and is a good target if you use some sort of trailing stop to lock-in profits. You will get stopped more often than not but i say you need to try it.

    50 pips is a fu#$% good trade, but not all that uncommon. Often takes the whole day or holding position overnight to get there. Once you're there you should seriously cash-in.

    75-100 pips or more is an intra-week swing. And with the relatively large stop loss point you must take, over-leveraging can get you killed, so i don't see the point of these trades.

    Anything more than that is long term investment.

    I'm talking for pairs like EUR/USD or USD/CAD for these typical moves. JPY seems to move more.
  8. Good responses from Andy and Nick regarding pips/day. My experience has been, and verified by colleagues on the spot desks at Goldman and Bear that scalping FX, especially at a non-instituional level is next to impossible (yes I am sure some do it, we do not need to get into an argument), but my attempts at it early on were fruitless after having successfully scalped stocks for 10-years.

    Andy indicates 300 pips a month, I think that is an honest and reasonable answer and reflects what my performance has been.

    To me, FX is more of a way to leverage investment returns, not a trading/income vehicle.

    Just my 2 euros!
  9. Actually, I sort of disagree. 100+ pip trades can be done in a 24hr period. Monday I shorted the pound for 223 pip profit... that trade was 15 hrs long. Not all are winners of course. Also had -28 pip, -24 pip loss, and today was breakeven trade.

    When I first got interested in trading I wanted to be a scalper, but I realized I'm just too lazy to do that sort of work. Where I lack in laziness I have to make up in patience though.
  10. You know... I think it really is pointless to set yourself a goal such as making x pips a day... What if one day you make 15 pips in the first hour of trading... you get out and the market keeps going and going and you could have made 100 pips that day. Are you seriously going to take your 15 pips and come back tomorrow and say...ok let's do 15 again today?

    What I'm saying is, you will know your average pip per day/trade AFTER the fact. Not before. You can set yourself objectives but I don't think you should or even can for that matter systemically make that average per day. IT's just not logical and probably not a sound trading plan.

    Every trade is different. That is not a secret but it is very much overlooked. Even in systematic trading...every trade has its own little characteristics.
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