Average Monthly Pips Profit

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  1. How much Monthly Pips profit do you make?
  2. 2000 pips for me at $10.00 per pip = $20,000 per month. It's easy when you know how. :)

  3. 1 million pips at $100 pip.....every day!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need a truck to take it all to the bank :eek:
  4. My goal is 60 pips a week ,250 a month. Hardest part to do this is not to trade. Waiting for a good setup and not to over trade. Can get 60 pips in one trade some times. I only use a 30 pip stop and rather take a loss and wait for another setup . If you trade 4 lots that 10K a month .
  5. is that really true?
  6. what currency pairs do you trade?
  7. if you can simply net 10 pips per trade or 10 ticks trading cme globex Euro..you can retire...
  8. euro , jpy , cad , gbp , If i am up for the week i might trade a cross with a good trend. The thing with day trading is you have to cut your losses quick if it goes against you. Most people are afraid to take a loss hoping for it to turn around . That only works in swing trading when going for more pips. I made my goal last week on tuesady and traded friday and made 39 pips. Now week week i only need to make 21 pips then take the rest of the week off. The less days you trade the better. Less risk .
  9. Its the blind leading the blind!!
  10. :D
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